A Busy Day at the Children’s Hospital

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I got to visit the children’s hospital this week! We signed in at the front desk at the same time as a mom with her daughter. The girl sat in some sort of combination of wheelchair and gurney, and she was so happy to see me! It turned out we were all heading for the second floor so she got to pet me as we went up in the elevator. Then the two of them headed for rehab while my human and I went to surgery.

The nurses in the surgery area love me, so I posed for photos before visiting the couple of patients up there. Both girls were sedated so they were a little groggy. A huge gauze bandage covered the first girl’s head, but she was conscious enough to enjoy our visit. Her parents liked me too. The second girl was alone, and a little more sedated, but she petted me too.

Back in the lobby area, I stopped by the arts and crafts area, where some kids were playing. One girl was wearing a sweat shirt with a kitty on the front, so you know she was happy to see me! I saw a lot of kids in the lobby area. One girl really wanted to see me but our visit was temporarily interrupted by another little girl running up to me. Once she and her family were called away, my human and I went back to the first girl. While her mother was off scheduling her next appointment, my human showed the girl a video of me and the peach kitty. Right away she said, “Oh, she has a boyfriend!”

The exam rooms were very busy. Not every family wanted to see me, which was okay. That meant that the people who really wanted to see me were able to. One was a boy in a wheelchair with his mom. My human rolled a lab stool next to him, and put me on it. That’s usually the best way for me to visit patients who are wheelchair bound. He and his mom were very nice.

While we were looking for the next exam room to visit, a three year old boy bounded down the hall. He had one leg in some combination of a cast and brace, but his grandfather was still having a hard time keeping up with him! He was thrilled to see me. But in typical three-year-old fashion, he wanted to grab my legs and hug me, even though his family kept reminding him to be gentle and “no hugs.” But he wasn’t too bad, and my human kept a careful eye on his every movement to make sure I was never uncomfortable with him. That’s one of her important roles while working with me.

One of the last patients we saw was a young girl with her mother, who happened to be a veterinarian. The mom and a doctor were looking over an x-ray of her daughter’s spine, and she was asking all sorts of detailed questions. Meanwhile, I kept the girl occupied. She probably would have been pretty bored if I hadn’t been there.

I saw a lot of kids during this visit! It was a good day.

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A Busy Day at the Children's Hospital

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