A Slight Wardrobe Correction – Summer’s Fabulous Cat Life

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Remember the snowman Guinea pig outfit I wore the other day?

somali cat wearing snowman outfit and hat

Here it is with the hat I wore.

Somali cat wearing snowman suit and hat outside

And here it is from the original post. Well guess what? It turns out that this is the wrong hat.

Somali cat at cat show with new outfits

My human came across a photo from January 2017. My breeder had brought me a bunch of clothes and stuff she found at the pet store on a post-holiday discount. Look closely at the lower left hand corner. There’s the snowman outfit…with a different hat! And if you look in the lower right hand corner, you might see the other hat, which is probably why my human got them mixed up.

Somali cat wearing snowman outfit with correct knit hat

So here I am, wearing the correct knit hat. It kind of flattens my ears out, so I’m not sure it looks all that good.

Somali cat in snowman outfit with both hats at her feet

But you tell me. Which hat do you like better? And don’t you think I’d look better in a cat outfit instead one made for Guinea pigs? Let me know in the comments!

Check me out in these other wardrobe mistakes:

A Slight Wardrobe Correction

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