A Visit From the Peach Kitty

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My human took me out back for a little while to get some fresh air. I started looking around right away for the peach kitty. He showed up just as quickly.

peach cat behind some bushes

He watched us for a moment from the neighbor’s yard, then he came over.

Peach cat looking over wall

My human put some treats on the wall near us, and he was on them instantly.

Peach cat getting nearer to Somali cat on leash

It didn’t take long for him to jump down from the wall and walk over.

Somali cat asking for treats, with peach cat in background

So he hung around, getting treats along with me.

Somali cat on leash looking at peach kitty

I was purring and making happy paws on the pavement, so my human let me get closer to him. But she kept me on a short leash.

Somali cat and peach cat touching noses

And then this happened!

Peach cat back on wall, looking down at Somali cat

It only lasted for a second. He walked off and then a moment later jumped back on the wall.

Somali cat watching peach cat

I watched him as he went back to where ever it is he goes.

Somali cat looking for peach cat

Once he was gone, my human and I went back in the house.

These are some of my other encounters with the peach kitty:

A Visit From the Peach Kitty

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