Adventures With the Peach Kitty

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I usually see the peach kitty a couple times a week, when I’m out back on my leash.

Somali cat on leash, with tabby peach cat in background

He still won’t take treats from my human, although he has gotten less fearful of being around her.

Somali cat on leash, and peach cat touching noses

Other than the treats, he’s more interested in me than my human anyway.

My human did try a fun experiment with him the other day, though! Well, I thought it was fun. You can see how it went in the video below.

Peach cat checking out bag of treats

I do have a confession to make. I think I taught him one of my bad habits.

Peach cat with head in treat bag.

See what I mean? He’s lucky my human was there to make sure he didn’t get stuck.

You can see some other times the peach kitty came visiting here:

Adventures With the Peach Kitty

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