Another Visit From the Peach Kitty

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When the peach kitty wants to see me, he sits by the leaded glass doors and waits for my human to notice him. If she does (and usually she does), she grabs my harness, leash, and a bag of treats.

Somali cat by the door, meowing

When I see my human gathering all of this, I usually head for the doors that lead to the back right away! I’m always anxious to go outside.

Two cats hanging out together, one on a leash

He always comes right up to visit with me. (Well, except for that one time I showed up wearing a dress.) This time, we only got to hang out for a little while because my human was busy. But he was pretty friendly to my human this time. Sometimes he is, sometimes he isn’t.

Somali cat on a leash outside

The video is pretty cute. I hope you enjoy it!

Here are other times the peach kitty and I hung out:

Another Visit From the Peach Kitty

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