Appearances Are Deceiving Outtakes – Summer’s Fabulous Cat Life

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In this selection of outtakes from Summer's latest photo sessions, appearances are deceiving!

Not only are the outtakes this week pretty silly looking, they are totally not what they appear to be! Take the above photo, for example. I look pretty mad about the treat I was getting, but the truth was I was enjoying it. Maybe a little too much.

Somali cat looking at bag of pet clothes

Looking at this photo, you might guess I was pawing through my wardrobe from Santa Barbara that I didn’t get to wear. I forget what I was doing, but that wasn’t it.

Somali cat looking shocked while sitting on hotel bed

I looked utterly shocked over something that was going on in the Santa Barbara hotel room. But the truth is my human just caught me in mid-meow. I look totally normal in the photos before and after this one.

Somali cat standing up on a vintage chair in hotel hallway.

This one’s kind of creepy because of how big my pupils are and because I’m standing up so weirdly in the vintage chair in the hotel hallway. It was actually a lot darker in the hallway than it appears in the photo, so that’s why my pupils are so big. And I just like to stand up when I’m excited. But it does look like something out a ghost movie.

Therapy cat after just having a treat in the car

Actually, this is just a normal post-treat, tongue-out photo. But I thought I’d include it anyway.

Somali cat in suitcase with paw raised

And we’ve reached the end of this week’s outtakes! I’m outta here.

Here are more unexpected outtakes from previous weeks:

Appearances Are Deceiving Outtakes

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