Assembling Target’s Haunted Clock House – Cat Help Required!

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Although I do love my little Target Witch House and sleep in it sometimes, my human thought it was still a little too small for me. So she got me me this bigger haunted Clock House. I couldn’t wait to start helping assemble it.

Somali cat on second level of partially built scratcher house

It took all my expertise to make sure my human didn’t mess up parts of it.

Somali cat looking at clock half of scratcher house

Fortunately, it wasn’t too complicated. Although I felt some of the elements could have been better thought out. I mean, where are the kitties in the design?

Somali cat in front of her two-tier clock scratcher house

Anyhow, here it is! I think I did a pretty good job. And you can see the whole process in the video below.

Some other times my cat supervision skills were required:

Assembling Target's Haunted Clock House - Cat Help Required!

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