Awkward Outtakes on Caturday – Summer’s Fabulous Cat Life

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My outtakes are a day early because tomorrow is my monthly round up of fun, short videos. And this week’s bloopers, geez, they are just so awkward! It seems like I was always on the verge of some sort of malfunction.

Somali cat stepping out of bed in her benching area

Remember the other day, when I mentioned about wandering off at cat shows, and how real show cats never do that? In spite of appearances here, I’m not leaving my benching area! I just decided I was done for a few minutes and I was heading for my enclosure for a nap. It always surprises people when I do that.

Somali cat behind drum kit, making a face

I once had a whole post about rock star faces. So, in that tradition, here is one from my Club Meow drumming gig.

Somali cat behind drum kit, reaching for a treat

Here’s the secret to my famous drum solo at Club Meow! My human had to work really hard to keep her hand far enough away so it could be cropped out of photos and video! Usually she was pretty good. Sometimes it was a fail.

Somali cat wearing a necklace and looking awkward

Even though I love this necklace and pose easily in it, not every photo is a winner!

I hope you enjoyed this week’s outtakes! If you have a favorite, let me know in the comments.

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Awkward Outtakes on Caturday

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