Building My Tiny Witch House Cat Scratcher

My human ordered this tiny witch house cat scratcher from Target because she thought it was cute. But I’m not sure if it’ll be big enough for me! I mean, the photo on the box shows kittens using it.

Somali cat sitting on scratcher with pieces of house, ready to be assembled

I decided to help her assemble it so we could see.

Somali cat in the middle of partially-build witch house scratcher

I showed my human that its size might be a problem by knocking over the house part every time I walked through it.

Somali cat looking through partially assembled roof of witch house cat scratcher

She thought that once she got the roof on, it would help make it sturdier. I still had my doubts.

Somali cat posing at front of tiny witch house cat scratcher

But it really was sturdier once it was fully assembled! And I even figured out how to walk through it without knocking it over.

Somali cat sitting next to witch house cat scratcher

My human was going to give it away if I didn’t fit in it. But it’s big enough for me to nap in, which is what I usually do with these houses.

If you want to check out witch house cat scratcher on Target’s website, you can go here. We are Target affiliates, and we get a small commission if you shop on their site using my links. Thanks for your support!

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Building My Tiny Witch House Cat Scratcher

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