Cat Show Fun in Victorville

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I had a fun time in Victorville! I wasn’t sure what to expect because this was the first time I was an official meet and greet cat for this organization (TICA). We brought my smaller, old enclosure because my Ambassador enclosure is exclusive to the other organization (CFA). My human and I do know the people who put on the show, though, and they’ve seen me doing my thing for CFA. So of course they put me close to the entrance so people could see me as soon as they walked in.

Somali cat in a cute puffy jacket

Victorville was a little cold, as we figured it would be, especially the second day. So my puffy jacket came in handy.

Somali cat posing with a pink boa

But I spent as much time accessorizing, or wearing nothing at all. So many people who petted me noticed how soft my fur was. So it just wasn’t right to keep it covered up.

Somali cat in show enclosure wearing a glass bead necklace

I enjoyed meeting people in my enclosure as much as I did sitting in my greeting space. I gave out lots of high fives, especially to kids.

Somali cat with selfie stick over her head

Since Valentine’s Day was just a few days ago, we brought the Valentine themed selfie props. They did get used a little, but mostly people enjoyed seeing me do tricks.

Somali cat posing for cat show attendees

I had a nice crowd! It wasn’t overwhelming, like the humongous San Diego cat show, but the visitors kept me busy pretty often! I really enjoyed meeting everyone.

Somali cat relaxing in her cat bed in her enclosure

I did fit in lots of relaxation time too!

Somali cat sitting in her meet and greet space

It was a tiring weekend for my human, but I had a great time! I’ve got more cat shows lined up over the next few weeks too.

Here are other cat shows I’ve done in cities I hadn’t been to before:

Cat Show Fun in Victorville

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