Cat Toys Versus Dog Toys at the Pet Shop

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I was really excited to go on a pet shop trip! I even used the litter box before going without my human having to prompt me. But then we got there and saw someone with a dog had parked moments before us! So my human decided we should wait and see how long they took in the store. She wants me to be able to wander freely and hates having to look over her shoulder to make sure we aren’t too close to a dog. Fortunately, they were out in just a few minutes, so we headed inside.

Somali cat looking over the bin of cat toys

Of course the first thing I did was head for the cat toys! I was a little bummed they put the really good Yeowww! catnip toys on the top level, where I couldn’t get to them. But then, maybe that is why they put them up there.

Somali cat sniffing bags of dried catnip

They did have some bags of dried catnip easily in reach, though. So I immediately buried my face in them.

Somali cat checking out some catnip toys

There were some other toys to check out too.

Somali cat on a leash, walking down a pet shop aisle

Since there was time and no dogs around, I wandered over to the dog toy section.

Somali cat staring at a dog toy

This one toy caught my attention because it looked like a potential copyright infringement (burger chain lovers, if you know, you know).

Somali cat with her chin on dog toy

I made sure to mark the dog toys so that they knew I’d been there.

Somali cat in car waiting for a treat

What a good shopping day! And we finished in time for dinner.

These are some other times I’ve visited this same pet shop:

Cat Toys Versus Dog Toys at the Pet Shop

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