Caturday Portraits, and a Visitor

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My human took me outside for some portraits. It was a sunny late afternoon so the lighting was really nice.

close up portrait of a Somali cat

We did some closeups, and my human tried to make use of the sun coming through the leaves.

Somali cat posing outside with a slightly different background

We also switched up backgrounds a little bit.

Peach kitty watching the photo session

Then look at who showed up! He even had the audacity to go through my human’s camera things that she had set out. And what did my human do? Reach for the treat bag, of course.

Somali cat with airplane ears

Sometimes it’s fun when he shows up, but sometimes he’s a distraction.

Somali cat looking up with paw raised

I had to remind my human not to give him all the treats!

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Caturday Portraits, and a Visitor

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