CFA Cat Expo Meeting and Greeting

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My trip to Cleveland started way too early for either me or my human! She had to get up at 2 AM (when she often usually goes to sleep), and be at the airport at 3:30. You can see how dark it was in the airport by the size of my pupils. I look like a Keane painting!

Somali cat at Charlotte airport

Fortunately by the time we got to the stopover, Charlotte, NC, we had some sun. In fact, it was lunchtime because it was three hours ahead.

Somali cat tail wrapped around an energy drink

My human had an energy drink. You can tell what I thought of that.

Somali cat on top of refrigerator in hotel room

It was very late in the afternoon by the time we got to Cleveland. Our hotel room had a small kitchenette, which meant I had a refrigerator to stand on top of!

Somali cat sitting next to pizza box

The kitchenette mattered not one bit to my human. She set up my litter box there and ordered a pizza. Disappointingly, it was veggie.

Somali cat posing in front of a mirror

I practiced my poses for my meet and greet in front of the mirror. As any celebrity would.

Somali cat doing a meet and greet

My human actually didn’t get a lot of photos of me at the meet and greet booth. We both were really busy. There was an endless line of people moving through, wanting to pet me and grabbing photo ops. Lots of people came just to see me, and I was really honored by that.

Somali cat ringing a bell

I only brought the outfits you saw last week, and only wore them briefly. My human figured people would rather pet my soft fur and not fabric. I did do a lot of tricks though!

Somali cat giving her paw to a child

The second day, my human brought me a little earlier so we could wander around the expo a little before heading for our booth. The moment I was out on my leash, I was swarmed by children! And they all wanted me to do high fives and give paw. Honestly, I think this may have been my very favorite part of the whole weekend.

Somali cat at the Pussonified booth

I visited a few booths while we were out and about, including the Purrsonified booth, which sells cat toys and promotes FIP awareness.

Somali cat on a Catit cat tree

And I also spent some time on the cat furniture at the Catit space. Then it was time to return to the booth, and I met so many people! By the end my human and I were both exhausted.

Somali cat in suitcase, waving

All too soon, it was all over. But to be honest, I’m glad to be going home, where I have more room for the zoomies!

Here are some other events where I did meet and greets:

CFA Cat Expo Meeting and Greeting

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