Clothes Shopping and Fun at the Big Pet Store

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My human took me to the big pet store this week! She thought we might find some good Halloween outfits, or some nice fall fashion since they had some promising things last year.

Somali cat in shopping cart at Halloween section of pet store

We were sadly disappointed. The Halloween section was huge…but I already had all the good costumes they had on display. And some of the not so good ones too.

Somali cat looking at pet clothes at big pet store

We also took a look at the regular pet clothes, and there was nothing interesting there either. So drab!

We were beginning to think the shopping trip was a bust. Until…

Doggy Parton clothes display at pet store

I couldn’t believe my eyes, and neither could my human! Of course, the name is wrong. It needs to be Dolly PURRton!

Somali cat in Doggy Parton display

Don’t these clothes have my name written all over them? I don’t know about the fit because sometimes when things are designed for a dog build, they fit me weird. But my human did find a couple things in XS for me.

Somali cat wearing a cowboy hat with feathers

There was even a little cowboy hat that fit me!

Somali cat on cat furniture at pet store

Of course, we didn’t just go clothes shopping! I also got to stop by my favorite spot at the big pet store — the cat trees!

Somali cat on cat furniture at pet store

I tested out how some of the furniture felt under my paws, but my human said we weren’t the market for any new scratchers or cat trees.

Somali cat in a cat condo at pet store

Or cat condos. I tried.

Somali cat at checkout counter of big pet store

Finally, my human grabbed some cat food for me (it turned out they carry some of what I eat!), and we checked out.

Somali cat with paw raised in car after shopping trip

Keep your fingers and paws crossed that these dresses fit! At least I know I’ll keep the hat.

Here are other times I’ve been to the bigger pet stores:

Clothes Shopping and Fun at the Big Pet Store

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