Doggy Parton or Dolly Purrton? You Decide!

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When you saw me at the pet store the other day, you also saw the big Doggy Parton display of clothes, toys, and accessories. Of course my human came home with a couple of dresses. They were pricey! But fortunately, she had a gift card. Let’s see if they should change the name of this line to Dolly Purrton!

Somali cat wearing a black Doggy Parton dress

Here’s the black dress on me. It’s a little bit too big, but my human was still able to make it work.

Somali cat wearing a pink and leopard print dress from Doggy Parton

The pink dress was even bigger, even though it was XS, just like the black dress. It was also pretty extra! I think they were designed for more thick-bodied dogs, and not sleek dogs or cats. Which is a bummer, because I really enjoyed modeling these dresses!

Somali cat with paws on the doggy parton dresses

I have a video of me modeling both dresses below. Check it out and let me know whether you think they are keepers or not!


You can see some of Dolly’s Doggy Parton line (although not these dresses) on Amazon. We are Amazon affiliates so we’ll get a small commission if you make a purchase through this link. And a portion of all Doggy Parton purchases benefits Willa B. Farms rescue.

Here are other times I’ve been to the bigger pet stores:

Doggy Parton or Dolly Purrton? You Decide!

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