Drum Kitty – Summer’s Fabulous Cat Life

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Of course kitties can play the drums! Wasn’t there a cat playing drums for that hard rock band, Kiss? So here I am at Club Meow and I’m going to do some kitty drum solos for you on my tiny drum kit.

Somali cat with paw on drum kit

I’m starting off with a slow build…

Somali cat standing up behind drum kit

Wait, drummers are never known for their subtlety. So forget the slow build.

Somali cat with paw on her drum kit

Check out my open pawed drumming!

Somali cat whapping a symbol

And it’s time for me to finish with a symbol crash!

Somali cat with drums tipped over

Uh-oh, I crashed the whole drum kit! Well, I hope you enjoyed my drum solo! I may not be able to do another one for a little while.

Here are some other times I showed off my musical talents:

Drum Kitty

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