Enjoying Time With My One True Love

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The moment my human came up to her office in the morning, she saw the peach kitty was out there waiting for me. So she dropped everything to go back downstairs and fetch me so we could visit.

Somali cat with peach cat in the background

He kept trying to play with me, but I didn’t want to. I haven’t played with another cat since I was a kitten. I think the last time I played with another cat was with Binga for the couple of moments she was being fun.

Somali cat not looking at peach cat not looking at her

To be honest, my mind was elsewhere.

Somali cat by garden furniture

The peach kitty could tell I was distracted so he stalked off.

Somali cat sitting on back patio

You can see what totally got my attention away from the peach kitty in the video below. Let me know if you guessed right!

Here are some of my other get togethers with the peach kitty:

Enjoying Time With My One True Love

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