Extremely Silly Outtakes – Summer’s Fabulous Cat Life

I’m not kidding with the title! Most of the outtakes this week are extremely silly!

Somali cat in sweater at cat show, standing awkwardly

The command for this pose is sometimes “sit pretty.” But I don’t see anything pretty about my execution here!

Somali cat sitting up and taking off hat

Oops! I accidentally removed my hat when I was trying to sit pretty. Honest.

Somali cat in pro photo studio with tongue out

No, I wasn’t giving the photographer a raspberry during my pro shoot. Just my human.

Therapy cat wearing a necktie and grabbing for a treat

I look demented.

Somali cat lying down on backdrop with human hand holding tail

I have no idea why my human was messing with my tail. I’m not sure she does either.

And that’s the end of these silly outtakes! If you have a favorite, let me know in the comments.

Here are some other videos of me in silly outfits:

Extremely Silly Outtakes

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