Fashion Show at Club Meow

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My human sometimes uses my photo studio as a second office. And she’s been doing that too much! So I kept coming in and hanging out on the set. Finally she got the hint. She didn’t have anything planned that evening, so she decided to stage a cat fashion show for me. And since the Club Meow set was up, she picked out some of my glitzy outfits.

Somali cat wearing a sparkly green dress

These outfits all came from a Cornish Rex cat named Coco. They are actually hand-me-downs, which makes you wonder what her keepers look like! I’ve had them for a few years.

Somali cat wearing a fancy pink party dress

They are all a little bit small on me, but they are too pretty not to wear. And I don’t have to wear them for very long either. For this shoot, I only wore each outfit for a few minutes.

Somali cat showing off pretty green outfit

Of course there’s a video of my fashion show! And you can see it below.

Here is some more cat fashion for you:

Fashion Show at Club Meow

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