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Summer's peach kitty friend is hanging around again, and being flirty.

My human took me out back again to hang out and yes, the peach kitty showed up. In fact, he kind of snuck up on us while we were busy doing other things. We turned around and there he was.

Peach cat hanging out

He just hung out by the rose bushes, like he usually does, waiting for treats.

Peach kitty rolling on dirt in front of somali cat

Then he started rolling around on the dirt!

Close up of peach cat rolling in dirt

I think he was trying to be flirty.

Somali cat looking at peach cat rolling in dirt

I wasn’t sure what to do!

Somali cat watching peach cat

So finally I just laid down and watched his ridiculous antics.

Somali cat inside and peach cat outside

After a while, my human took me back inside. He’d left, or we thought so, but it only took a couple of moments before he showed up by the leaded glass doors! I don’t know what he wants. He won’t go near my human, but he keeps hanging around.

Here are more times I’ve gotten a visit from the peach kitty.

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