Fun and Probably Unseen Shorts in August’s Video Compilation

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For one reason or another, most of the shorts in this month’s compilation never made it to YouTube, or the blog. And unless you follow me on TikTok, you still haven’t seen many of them. (And those TikToks have a different soundtrack here.) So this may seem like an almost all-new selection of shorts from me.

Somali cat wearing a tie dye hippie dress and flower crown

My tie dye hippie dress video, for example. I posted the photos on my blog, but the video didn’t get finished until later.

Somali cat on leash at pet shop

The video of me at the pet shop didn’t make it to the blog either, although you may have seen it on my social media.

Somali cat at the cat show

Same with my video of highlights from the cat show. Plus there is a part two to a couple of the videos that you may have missed.

So even if you missed most of these videos the first time around, you can enjoy them on the compilation now. As always, it’s divided into chapters so you can jump around to the videos you want to see first.

Here are some of my past compilations:

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