Funday Photo Flubs – Summer’s Fabulous Cat Life

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I have some really fun photo flubs from this week’s sessions! As you will see.

Somali cat looking at peach cat on the wall

My human wanted to get some photos and video of the peach kitty on the wall and me looking up at him, but he was only up there for a couple moments. Long enough to get this one awkward looking pic.

Therapy cat having a treat after hospital visit

My human was taking some candids of me after my therapy cat visit. I was more interested in collecting my pay.

Somali cat with airplane ears making a face at a dandelion

I may have had some complaints about that dandelion.

Somali cat in dress, with her tongue out

And that’s it for this week’s outtakes! If you have a favorite, let me know in the comments.

Here are some more photo flubs in case you want even more laughs:

Funday Photo Flubs

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