Funny Sunday Bloopers – Summer’s Fabulous Cat Life

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I sure had a lot of crazy outtakes to choose from for this week’s funny bloopers!

Somali cat making a weird face with a Kiss Me sign

I’m not sure I’d get any kisses with that face.

Somali cat making happy paws on purple velvet blanket

Before she decided to use my checkerboard sofa for my blog post about kneading, we tried a few different things for the photos. One was this purple velvet blanket. But she wasn’t happy with the quality of my happy paws, so we switched it out.

Somali cat shaking her head while making happy paws on a cat sofa

Things went pretty well when we started using the sofa…except for this unfortunate head shake that made my ears go wonky.

Somali cat in a dress, making airplane ears

These ears aren’t wonky…they’re in full-blown airplane mode! I think the construction workers next door were being especially noisy that day. This is one of several photos during that shoot with my ears similarly flattened.

Somali cat's tail sticking out of cat show enclosure

And that’s the end of this week’s bloopers! I hope you enjoyed them. Let me know which ones you thought were the funniest in the comments.

Want more laughs at my expense? Here you go:

Funny Sunday Bloopers

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