Getting Ready for Another Cat Show!

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It’s time for another cat show! It’s been a while. In fact, the last one was at the end of March in Palm Springs. This one is in the opposite direction, Simi Valley, and not as far away. In fact, it should be a pretty quick drive on a Saturday.

Somali cat rubbing face on dress on hanger

I am always getting new clothes, so I didn’t want to pack the same old dresses. I made sure my human included some of my newer things, like this dress.

Somali cat wearing a red heart crystal pendant necklace

That goes for accessories too! I always bring my crystal and pearl heart choker, but how can I not bring this newer necklace too?

Somali cat in sunglasses and a tank top

Of course, I’ll bring a couple of classics too, like this cool summer look.

Somali cat with paw raised, surrounded by cat clothes

So if you live near the area, stop by the Rancho Santa Susana Community Center in Simi Valley! I’ll be there until 4 PM on Caturday, July 29. If you’re not in the area, don’t worry — I will try to go live on at least one or two of my social media channels.

Here is how I prepared for some previous cat shows:

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