Getting Ready for Another Fun Cat Show!

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Can you believe it’s only been a few days since the last cat show and it’s already time for another one! This time, it’s a lot closer to home. It’s in Glendale, so it’s a very short drive, and no suitcase this time. But I still need to pick out some things to wear.

Somali cat in a pretty pink dress, ringing a bell

The weather is going to be mild and the cat show hall is heated, so I’ll be dressing a lot lighter. And so many people loved my tricks that we’re going to focus more on that. My human says my bell ringing needs some improvement, so we are going to practice a little ahead of time.

Somali cat wearing a cute valentine themed dress

This time I’m only wearing dresses, no sweaters.

Somali cat wearing a pretty necklace

Mainly, I’ll probably wear necklaces and not much else.

Somali cat wearing red crystal heart necklace

I’m packing my fanciest necklace for this show!

Somali cat wearing a princess dress and tiara

And of course I’ll be bringing a princess dress and tiara!

So if you’re in southern California, and not far from Glendale, stop by the Glendale Civic Auditorium on Saturday! I’d love to give you a high five!

Here are some wardrobe choices I made for the Glendale shows in the past:

Getting Ready for Another Fun Cat Show!

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