He’s Back…Again! – Summer’s Fabulous Cat Life

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I was outside posing for some photos a couple days ago, and guess who showed up?

Peach cat in yard next door

Of course it was the peach kitty! One moment he wasn’t there, and then he was. I haven’t seen him for a while because we’ve had hot weather and he hasn’t been out during the day. My human has seen him on our security cameras late at night, but that’s about it.

Somali cat looking over at the peach kitty

My human was going to offer him some treats, but then he disappeared again.

Peach cat near rose garden

But he wasn’t gone. In fact, he was closer, right by the rose garden next to the bridge.

Somali cat looking at peach cat

He made himself at home. I guess he just wanted to watch me. But I was too distracted to pose.

Somali cat getting closer to peach cat

My human let me get a little closer to him. But I can only get so far before he runs off.

Peach cat by rose bushes as Somali cat watches.

I don’t know why he’s scared of me. I can understand why my human makes him nervous. He is a wild kitty after all, or semi-wild. But I’m just another kitty. Even if I’m on a harness and leash and I wear dresses sometimes.

Somali cat on a wall

So my human sat me on the wall and I watched him for a little while, until he wandered off. Then I wanted to go back inside. Maybe he’ll be around again.

Here’s more of the peach kitty:

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