How My Human and I Celebrated Her Birthday Through the Years

My human’s birthday was yesterday. This time, it started at midnight at some club in Hollywood, and continued 19 hours later at a nice dinner with her boyfriend. Although it didn’t happen this year, often her birthday plans have included me! So I thought I would share some of those memories.


Somali cat on a ferry to Catalina Island

My first birthday with my human was spent on Catalina Island with her then boyfriend. The three of us spent the weekend there, and it was my first time on a boat. Actually, so far, it has been my only time on a boat.


Somali cat on windowsill in hotel hallway

The next year it was just me and her, since her boyfriend was working out of town (as he did several years while they were together). So my human took me to a hotel for a small getaway. I think she had points or credits or something.


Somali cat in a new cat carrier

This year, my human got me a present for her birthday! It was this small enclosure, for cat show trips when she didn’t have room to pack my regular one. As I recall, it got used pretty quickly after I got it.

I didn’t see anything for 2018. I don’t think it was very eventful.


Somali cat at Meow Meetup in 2019

This was my favorite birthday with my human. We attended Meow Meetup in Chicago, where I was one of the Meet and Greet cats! That was lots of fun and my human got to celebrate with lots of friends. It ended kind of badly when she discovered there were no restaurants open at the airport on her birthday when we were going home. But the rest of it was great.


Somali cat posing with rolls of toilet paper

We were in the middle of the pandemic in 2020, so not much happened. My human did have some friends over, and they all hung out, socially distant, in the front yard. But she did make it festive by posting my Toilet Paper Challenge video on her birthday. She scheduled it then as a birthday gift to herself.


Somali cat surrounded by birthday hats

Two years ago, my human did a photo session with me and a bunch of birthday hats. It was not one of her best birthday ideas. Better hats next time, right?


Somali cat wearing a big red ribbon on her head

Last year, my human’s boyfriend brought her a dozen red roses tied up in a bow. My human got a vase for the roses and gave me the bow. I’ve used it in videos, and she still has it, so it may appear sometime again.

I hope you enjoyed my birthday look back! If you were celebrating with your cat, which birthday do you think you’d like the most? Let me know in the comments.

Here are some of my own birthday memories:

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