I’m Here to Brighten Everyone’s Day

I started making people happy practically the moment I arrived at the big hospital on this therapy cat visit. My human let me walk on my leash on the way to the elevators, and several patients, visitors and staff got to see me and pet me. One was a girl in a wheelchair, so that made me extra happy.

The Cancer Center didn’t have any infusion patients that morning, but I visited with the receptionists, and even did a couple of tricks for them! They enjoyed that a lot.

Then we headed to Pediatrics. It was pretty quiet, and the patients were mostly babies. But there were two teens for me to visit. The first girl was allergic, but she loved cats and wanted to see me. So my human took me in and sat me on the floor a few feet away from her bed. I did some tricks for the girl, and I could tell she really wanted to cuddle me. I really wished I could have jumped on the bed, but my human wouldn’t let me.

The next patient was a 15-year-old boy who was very sick. He had an IV and was very thin. But he loved that I came to visit. My human laid out the sheet and the moment she put me next to him, I settled in. I got to purr and do lots of happy paws while he petted me. Really, it was the best moment of the day. I love showing off my tricks and posing for photos, but my special times are with the bedridden patients.

After that, we had enough time to stop by the Resident’s Work Room. I love visiting the residents. They are always so happy to see me and so appreciative that I took the time out to stop by their room. It’s a little hidden and you could walk right by it and not notice. But my human and I stop there when we can.

Finally we went to Labor and Delivery to visit the nurses. Often, they don’t have any expectant moms who want visits but the nurses get so excited! One even announced my arrival on the intercom! So I got lots of pets, did some tricks, and posed for lots of photos and videos. It was a fun end to a really nice morning.

Here are some other therapy cat visits at the hospital:

I'm Here to Brighten Everyone's Day

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