Independence Day Photo Sessions Through the Years

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My human couldn’t find any new, unique Independence Day props for me this year. So I thought I would take a look back at my Independence Day photo sessions through the years. The only props she apparently doesn’t still have are my hat and bow from 2015, which you see above. This was my first Fourth of July modeling session, and I was a few months over a year old.

Somali cat mad that tortoiseshell cat has photo bombed her Fourth of July photo session

The next year’s photo session suffered from an overabundance of photo bombing. As you can see, I was not pleased.

Somali cat in elaborate Independence Day photo set

My human went a little overboard with the set for 2017. In fact, I don’t think this was the actual session that wound up on the blog, because there was a second, slightly tamer set a couple days later.

Somali cat in a Fourth of July setting

Apparently we didn’t do a photo shoot for 2018, but 2019’s set was actually pretty nice, if a little busy.

Somali cat dressed up for Fourth of July

Because of the pandemic, I actually got to do a Fourth of July photo session outside! Usually my human is concerned about noisy fireworks upsetting me. But in 2020, they were almost nonexistent.

Somali cat posing with a styrofoam fireworks decoration

I think my human was starting to run out of ideas (like she did this year) because we didn’t do a photo session in 2021. But we did do one last year, with one of the old props, for a post about keeping cats safe during fireworks. And I think it turned out pretty well!

So now you’ve seen my history of Independence Day photo sessions! Which ones were your favorites? Let me know in the comments.

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Independence Day Photo Sessions Through the Years

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