Keeping Warm at the Ventura Cat Show

I had a nice cat show day in Ventura!

Somali cat wrapped in a scarf

It was really cold, though! Especially in the morning. My human wrapped me up in her scarf to keep me warm.

Somali cat napping with human hand

My human was cold too. She even used me to keep her hands warm. Eventually she got a cup of coffee, just to use as a hand warmer.

Somali cat getting petted at the cat show

Once the morning chill lessened, people started showing up and giving me attention.

Somali cat in a sweater at a cat show

I did wear some of the sweaters I brought!

Somali cat wearing a sweater dress and necklace

My human paired my sweater dress with a necklace that I got at the last show.

Somali cat licking a pineapple catnip cat toy

And look what else my human had from the last cat show — this Yeowww! catnip pineapple! She packed it in one of the show bags when we were leaving and forgot to take it out when we got home. I was surprised to see it.

Somali cat on leash wandering around cat show vendors

Later in the day, I got to wander around the vendor booths on my leash for a little while. That was lots of fun.

Somali cat napping

And of course I got in some nap time, without my human’s hand involved.

It was a good show and I met lots of people! And can you believe the car was warm inside when we left? My human didn’t even need to turn on the heater!

Here are some other winter cat shows I appeared at:

Keeping Warm at the Ventura Cat Show

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