Late Spring Outing – Summer’s Fabulous Cat Life

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After endless gray days, we had some sunshine, and my human took me out for a while to enjoy the nice weather.

Somali cat outside wearing a pretty spring dress

I even got to wear one of my spring dresses, even though it is almost summer now.

Somali cat wearing a dress and posing on stone steps

I went up the stone steps for a while. Even though my human was taking photos, it really was more for hanging out than an official photo session.

Somali cat posing with peach cat in background

If you are wondering if my peach kitty friend showed up — yes, he did!

Peach cat relaxing on the grass

He never got too close, even though my human threw some treats his way. But he did make himself comfortable.

Somali cat in dress watching peach cat on grass

He hung out for a while. Eventually he just left, and by then it was my dinnertime anyway.

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Late Spring Outing

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