Looking Back at 2023 in Pictures

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2023 was a good year for me! I accomplished a lot, had lots of fun, and made lots of new friends. Here are the highlights.

Somali cat meeting children at the San Diego Cat Show

The year started off with my amazing appearance at the San Diego cat show! I was so popular that my human had to schedule times for me to meet and greet people so I didn’t get overwhelmed. That was a first for us.

Somali cat in chef's outfit with tiny heart shaped waffles

I did a fun video about making cat friendly waffles for Valentine’s Day. Although the waffles didn’t turn out that great, I loved shooting it. Unfortunately, my human didn’t! She says cooking videos are a lot of work to do by herself, so we haven’t done one for a while. I’ll try to talk her into making more.

Somali cat celebrating her birthday

My birthday was March 19, and I had a party and went live on social media for my pals! That was fun, and I promise to do it again in 2024. It’ll be my TENTH birthday, so I need to do something special!

Somali cat wearing a fancy dress, rhinestone necklace, and tiara

A friend of my human’s found this awesome dress at Marshalls, and my human shot a video of me wearing it that went viral on TikTok in April. At 6.6 million views, it’s still my biggest ever video on social media!

Somali cat wearing hippie clothes for a 60s themed cat world domination day party

For 2023, Cat World Domination Day had a 1960s hippie theme. A groovy time was had by all! Months later, someone put together video clips of internet cats to a Red Hot Chili Peppers song, and you can see me briefly, wearing my flower crown.

Somali cat from a YouTube advertisement

Right around that time, my human got an email from someone at YouTube who wanted to license some of one of my old short videos for an ad. It turned out to be legit, so my human said okay and we got paid well! Even better, when YouTube posted the ad (to promote their Shorts), lots of people commented that they recognized me. And even better than that, they renewed the license a few months later and I got paid again!

Somali cat and community cat touching noses

I also got to know the peach kitty a lot better over the summer. He had been hanging around before, but he became a lot friendlier over time. He hasn’t come around as much during the late fall and winter, and he’s still pretty scared of my human. But it’s nice to see him every so often.

Somali cat meeting with children at the CFA Cat Expo

The big event of the fall was the CFA Cat Expo, where I was one of a handful of Meet and Greet cats! It was the hugest event I’ve done so far, and it was really exciting!

Somali cat meeting Santa at PetSmart

And I ended the year by meeting Santa.

I can’t wait for 2024. I bet I’ll have lots of therapy cat visits, events, modeling jobs, and more in store! And I hope it’ll be a good one for you too.

Here are some past years I looked back on:

Looking Back at 2023 in Pictures

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