Modeling My Cat Necklace Collection (Video)

After my human discovered at the cat show that my favorite necklace broke, she remembered this video that she’d shot not too long ago. It featured that necklace, and several others too.

Somali cat wearing a pink pearl necklace with a rhinestone cat head

Many of these necklaces, like this pink pearl with the rhinestone cat head, you hardly ever see.

Somali cat wearing a pink glass bead necklace

Some of them make really pretty accessories, like this pink glass bead necklace.

Somali cat wearing a colored beaded necklace with a tassel.

Then there’s this necklace, which is really hard to match with any of my outfits. My human wears lots of solid colors and black. Too bad it doesn’t fit her.

Somali cat with her necklaces at her feet

Anyway, the video of me modeling all these, including my favorite necklace, is below!

Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments.

Here is more of my accessorizing:

Modeling My Cat Necklace Collection (Video)

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