Modeling My Heart Dresses – Summer’s Fabulous Cat Life

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It’s almost Valentine’s Day! And I have several dresses with hearts on them, so I need to decide which one to wear.

Somali cat wearing a white dress with hearts on it

This dress with the spring colored hearts is one of my oldest. I’m surprised it still fits since I wasn’t full grown when my human got it for me.

Somali cat wearing a Valentine dress with Cutie on the back

This one is older, but not as old as the first one. And it’s a favorite of mine, although it kind of has a lot going on with the ruffled skirt and cap sleeves and Cutie on the back.

Somali cat wearing dress with hearts on the skirt

Although the skirt has all these hearts on it, the colors are more spring like. So I guess I could go either way with this one.

Somali cat wearing a cute valentine dress

This is my newest heart dress. My human picked it up at Ross on sale after Valentine’s Day last year. I modeled it when she got it, but it’s been sitting around ever since, waiting for February 14 to roll around again.

So what do you think? Which heart dress should I wear on Valentine’s Day? And should I wear it for the peach kitty if he shows up, or will he think it’s too weird that I have a dress on?

Here are some of my other Valentine’s Day themed photo sessions:

Modeling My Heart Dresses

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