My Awesome Therapy Cat Visit With the Kids

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I do my best at all my therapy cat visits, but some days go even better than that, and this week’s visit to the children’s hospital was one of them. I purred almost nonstop the whole time I was there, and I gave out lots of high fives and even a few head butts.

We first stopped up in surgery where a little boy looked like he was waiting for prep. He wasn’t sedated and he was so happy to see me. I really enjoyed seeing him.

After saying hi to some staff in the lobby, we went through to see if anyone wanted a visit. One older teen girl was really excited I was there. But she only got in about two pets before getting called into the exam rooms. So she had to pick up her body brace and leave with her mom.

The first exam room I visited had a little boy who loved me. I did some tricks and gave him a high five. The next patient, a little girl, said she wanted to see me…but then she was scared of me. Her dad tried to convince her that I was nice, while her grandfather sat there, looking at his phone. I tried helping by rubbing against the dad’s shoes, and when the girl was still unsure of me, I went over and rubbed against the grandfather’s shoes too. She finally petted my tail a few times. I guess that was kind of a win!

I also saw an older teen boy with arm in a sling. He had a cat at home, and both he and his mom thought I was awesome. I sat on the exam table next to him, and gave him a high five with the arm that wasn’t in a sling. The next little girl was also a little shy about me, although not as much as the one with her dad and grandpa. My human and her mom chatted while I tried to make friends with the girl.

It was almost time to leave, but my human wanted to check in on one more exam room. And it turned out to be the teenaged girl I saw in the lobby. My human looked over and saw some X-rays of her spine, and it was pretty obvious she had scoliosis. The girl was really glad to see me, and I spent some time being petted by her with no interruptions. So it was a great end to an already nice visit.

Here are other times I had good visits with the kids:

My Awesome Therapy Cat Visit With the Kids

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