My Double Paw High Five Review

Can you believe it’s been weeks since I’ve had a double paw high five practice session? It’s not good for a kitty to go this long between trick sessions. It’s easy for cats to forget their training if you aren’t consistent. So my human realized it was time for a review.

Somali cat giving a high five

Actually, the concept of doing a double paw high five — or high ten, as a lot of people call it — is pretty easy. It combines high five, which is one of the easiest tricks for most cats to learn…

Somali cat sitting up for a treat

And sitting up! I’m good at both of these. So how do you think I did for my review?

Somali cat doing a double paw high five

I aced it, of course! You can see how it went in the short video below.

Here are more of my training sessions — check them out:

My Double Paw High Five Review

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