My Fancy New Dress – Summer’s Fabulous Cat Life

Remember that fancy dress my human’s friend found for me at Marshall’s? Well, she found another one there from the same brand! She got it for me, and I’m modeling it today.

Somali cat excited about her new pink dress

As you can tell, I love it already.

Somali cat wearing a fancy pink dress

the style is pretty similar to the other dress. Only this one is pink and a lot more sparkly!

Side view of Somali cat modeling dress

Here it is from the side. I love all the flowers on the sheer skirt, which is fluffy. Like me.

Somali cat wearing a crown and necklace to match the dress

My human had a pink crown for me that’s been sitting around, waiting for something to match it. So we tried it with this dress. What do you think?

Somali cat in fancy dress, posing with a couple more dresses at her paws

It turns out that they had more dresses in the same style, and my human had a Marshall’s gift card. So she brought home a couple more for me! I’ll be modeling them soon.

Here are other fancy dress modeling sessions:

My Fancy New Dress

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