My Fun Cat Show Weekend in San Diego

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My big weekend at the cat show in San Diego was a lot of fun!

Somali cat sitting in front of her bell in her cat show space

I did quite a few wardrobe changes this time.

Somali cat eagerly ringing a bell

I didn’t really do anything that elaborate for the people who visited me. Mostly just high fives and bell ringing, but everybody really enjoyed it!

Somali cat surrounded by fans at cat show

A lot of people came to see me! I had more people saying they follow me on social media than my human could keep track of. Setting up specific times for me to come out to see people worked out really well, although it was different from last year. Last year people lined up to see me. This time, mostly they just surrounded the area where I was set up and took photos and selfies with me.

Somali cat being touched by child

My human sometimes encouraged people to come up so I could give them high fives. And she especially had kids visit with me one on one because she knows I’m really good with kids.

Somali cat looking at Polaroid photo of herself

One of my visitors had a miniature Polaroid type camera and took a photo of me and let my human have it.

Somali cat looking at artichoke sandwich

My human also selfishly got herself an artichoke sandwich the second day and didn’t let me have any.

Somali cat on vendor table wearing a dress

I did get to visit one of the vendor booths later on the second day. I saw them last year, when they were set up a lot closer to me. They have lots of pet clothes, and of course my human wound up with a couple new outfits for me! The vendor loves having me visit and wear their clothes because I always draw a crowd.

Somali cat in carrier at the end of the cat show

It was over all too soon! But I do have some more shows to do over the next couple of months, so I’m looking forward to that.

Here are other big cat shows I’ve done:

My Fun Cat Show Weekend in San Diego

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