My Fun Shopping Day at the Pet Store

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It’s been a while since I’ve brought you on a shopping trip! So here we are.

Somali cat rubbing on shelving at pet shop

My human just needed to get a couple of necessities — my cat food and wipes she uses for my therapy cat visits (gotta wipe those paws after using the litter box!). But that didn’t stop me from browsing, of course.

Somali cat in pet shop cat treat section

As always, there was a lot to see!

Somali cat checking out toy at pet shop

Especially in the toy section!

Somali cat looking up at cat toy displays in pet shop

Unfortunately I don’t play with many toys aside from my couple of favorites, so my human rarely buys me anything.

Close up of Somali cat shopping

But it’s still fun to look. And smell!

Somali cat in car with shopping bag

Eventually we got everything and left. There was already a ginormous Samoyed at the checkout counter, so I didn’t get to visit with the staff. But the rest of the trip was fun!

You can see more of my shopping day in the video below, including the part where I went a little crazy over a bowl of catnip bags:

Here are some of my past compilations:

My Fun Shopping Day at the Pet Store

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