My July Shorts Compilation Is a Variety Show!

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I have so many different and fun videos in my July compilation of short videos! And unless you follow me on TikTok and stop by my profile every day, I can guarantee you haven’t seen many of these. And if you have, the music is still different.

Somali cat looking through ring during Katris Nest assembly

For example, there’s a shorter version of my Katris Nest assembly video…plus a surprise video right after!

Somali cat wearing necklace with a human hand putting a tiara on her head

And I noticed that there are actually a couple of modeling videos that never made it to the blog, or to Facebook or Instagram.

Somali cat in a cat tunnel

And there are some videos that show me just being a cat and doing cat things! I know, it’s hard to believe.

So what are you waiting for? Check out the videos below. The compilation, like usual, is divided into chapters so you can skip around and check out the ones you want to see first.

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