My Pre-Show Grooming Session – Summer’s Fabulous Cat Life

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Since I have the cat show meet and greet to do, I have to get a bath and groom. It’s not my favorite part of being a public cat, but I’m pretty good about it. This is a rare photo of my human rinsing me off. She managed to have one hand free to hold the iPhone. Which, really, is a testament to my cooperation since I stood there for her.

Somali cat getting combed out after bath

She really didn’t spend a lot of time with photos during the bath. She knows it’s the part of grooming I like the least, so she tries to get it over with as quickly as possible. Once I’m towel dried, I get a spray on detangler especially for cat fur. Then she carefully and gently combs out my fur.

Somali cat getting a blow dry after a bath

The blow dry and comb out take a while. Except for this photo, when my human has the blow dryer pointed towards my head, she tries to protect my ears. That’s the one place that that blow dryer bothers me. Well, you wouldn’t want air blasting in your ears either, right? Sometimes she’ll cover my ears with one hand while blow drying my neck with the other.

Somali cat getting her behind blow dried

The rest of the blow dry is pretty easy. I tend to walk around a little on the counter, which makes it hard for my human to blow dry my rear end. Eventually, I’ll stand still because I kind of like it.

Somali cat licking paw after most of blow dry

I help out a little too.

Somali cat after a bath

It takes about 45 minutes to an hour for my whole grooming session. But the result is worth it!

Somali cat giving high five after bath

I think we both deserve high fives when we’re done!

Somali cat sticking out tiny tongue

And maybe a little bit of a raspberry for my human.

Want to know more about my baths? Here you go:

My Pre-Show Grooming Session

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