My Silliest Touching Things Training Yet

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The last time I had a training session dedicated to touching random things was in June. So I’m back at it! As always, it starts with me ringing my bell…and then gets sillier as we go along.

Somali cat touching a tiny witch hat

We started off with this tiny witch hat that arrived here not too long ago.

Somali cat touching a target trick or treat bag for cats

Next I got to touch this little trick or treat bag of cat toys from Target. (Yes, we’re affiliates, so if you visit Target through this link, we get a small commission!)

Somali cat wearing a witch hat and touching trick or treat bag of toys

Next, my human added an extra layer. I had to touch the trick or treat bag while wearing the witch hat.

Somali cat touching a ceramic cat bank

The next one was easy. I just had to touch a ceramic cat bank. The whole key to these sessions is touching things with different sizes, shapes, and textures.

Somali cat touching a bottle of Purrgundy cat wine

Finally, I got to touch this bottle of Purrgundy Cat Wine. Since it had been sitting around for a while, my human decided to open it and…well, you can see the rest of what went on in the video below. I hope you enjoy it!

Here are more fun videos of my cat training:

My Silliest Touching Things Training Yet

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