My Surprisingly Busy Cat Show Day

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This cat show was my first time in Simi Valley. It’s actually only a little more than a half hour from my house, so it wasn’t that far. But it started really early, so my human groused about having to wake up at what she considers a ridiculous hour. But it was totally worth it.

Somali cat looking at broken necklace

There was one sad part to the day. The elastic on my favorite necklace broke! Fortunately, it was in a sealed baggie when that happened, so all the beads were saved. My human promises that she will fix it this week.

Somali cat wearing a red crystal heart necklace and giving a high five

Fortunately I had lots of other things to wear. That included my red crystal necklace.

Somali cat at cat show wearing a flower crown

My human also packed my flower crown as a last minute addition. It was a big hit.

Somali cat wearing a dress and straw hat

And this outfit, which is a fan favorite. And I had lots of fans at this show! I wasn’t expecting a whole lot, since it wasn’t that big of a show. But lots of people recognized me from my TikToks, including attendees who just happened to show up and see me there! Even some of the people that were showing cats follow me. That was really fun.

Somali cat ringing a bell at cat show

And my human remembered my bell this time! So I go to show off my ringing skills. I also offered lots of paw shakes for visitors, and some high fives too.

Somali cat at show with paw raised

Usually at the cat shows, I get some extended rest periods for napping, but I was pretty busy at this one most of the day! It was good, but I was pretty tired by the time we were done!

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My Surprisingly Busy Cat Show Day

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