Outside Glamor Shots – Summer’s Fabulous Cat Life

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If you saw my tongue-out photos the other day, maybe you are wondering how the rest of the photo session on the steps went. Here is your answer!

Portrait of Somali cat on stone steps

These steps are one of my favorite places to pose for photos, and I think it shows.

Somali cat on leash sitting on stone steps

A lot of times the steps get patches of light filtering through the leaves of the bushes, and my human tries to take advantage of that.

Portrait of Somali cat with light coming in through bushes

Sometimes the patches of light create too much contrast on my face…but other times, like this one, everything comes out just right.

Somali cat posing on steps

Here’s one with more even light. The great thing about this area is we can take advantage of the way the light comes in, or not.

Somali cat on leash sitting on grass

After that, my human took me out on the grass for more photos. She liked the way I was backlit. The only problem was it was right before dinnertime, and I was getting hungry and impatient! So only a couple of those photos were usable. Most of them are of me making airplane ears.

Here are some more portrait sessions I’ve done:

Outside Glamor Shots

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