Outside Modeling Interrupted (Again)

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Summer's outside modeling session was interrupted by the peach kitty. But it wasn't exactly the first time this happened.

It was such a pretty day that my human took me out back for some modeling.

Somali cat looking like she knows something is up

But we weren’t alone for long! I knew before my human realized what was going on.

Somali cat turning around and looking at the peach cat

The peach kitty showed up, seemingly out of nowhere! It wasn’t the first time he’s interrupted one of my modeling sessions! And it was almost on the same day too, two years ago.

Peach cat rubbing against Somali cat

But this time, he just totally barged in on us, like we weren’t busy working.

Peach cat with face right in camera

In fact, he put his face right into my human’s camera!

Peach cat relaxing on concrete step

Then he proceeded to make himself at home.

Somali cat distracted by presence of peach cat

He just hung around in the background, like he didn’t know he was getting in every shot.

Peach cat walking away

By the time he left, the light in the spot we were using wasn’t as good anymore. Later on, my human saw him looking for me through the glass doors. But I was in another part of the house.

Here are some other times the peach kitty snuck up on me:

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