Playing the Box Game on Boxing Day

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It’s Boxing Day, and what’s more fun than playing in a box? How about playing in a box full of used wrapping paper! I call it the Holiday Edition of the Box Game!

Somali cat looking in box for a treat

The wrapping paper adds an extra level of difficulty! When my human tosses the treat in the box, I have to work extra hard to find it!

Somali cat excited about the box game

Of course, I always do! Well, almost always.

Somali cat with her front paws on the lip of a box filled with wrapping paper

Humans (especially those in Great Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand) may think Boxing Day means something else. But believe me, if you are a cat it’s all about the boxes! You can see how much fun I’m having in the video below.

Here are more ways to have fun if you are a kitty:

Playing the Box Game on Boxing Day

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