Post New Year’s Studio Clean Up

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I don’t usually start off a blog post with the video — I usually save them for the end. But you’ll figure out why I’m sharing it right away.

Somali cat with studio props from New Years Eve

We made a huge mess! I mean, it was a good smelling mess (well, except for the molting feathers from the boa). But we sure couldn’t shoot any more videos in the studio until it got cleaned up.

Somali cat walking through mess on studio set.

I think my human expected me to help. As if!

Somali cat with a pile of lint roller sheets

Do you know what she used to clean up the backdrop? a lint roller! It still should probably go in the laundry, though.

Here are other times the mess for my photo shoots got out of hand (or paw):

Post New Year's Studio Clean Up

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