Progress With the Peach Kitty

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I had a visitor on my latest outing.

Peach cat waiting for treats

Of course I mean the peach kitty.

Peach cat greeting Somali cat

First he came over to say hello to me.

Somali cat and peach cat getting treats

Then came the best part — when my human started handing out the treats!

peach cat looking at freeze dried chicken treat

My human has been trying to get him to take a treat directly from her for a long time now.

Peach cat eating treat from human's hand

And finally he did! As you can see, I supervised to make sure he didn’t drop any, I mean, was polite and didn’t chomp my human’s fingers. He even let my human touch him, as you can see in the video below.

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Progress With the Peach Kitty

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