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A couple of months ago, my human got an email from someone claiming to work with Google. They wanted to license a clip from a Short I made about a year and a half ago in a YouTube ad (this one, in case your curious). For real money. Of course my human thought it was probably bogus, but instead of tossing it in the spam folder right away, she did some research. And darned if it didn’t seem totally legit!

So she gave her permission and signed the necessary official documents. And promptly forgot about it. She meant to look for it once she knew the campaign was on, but she got busy. And then my fans started saying this week that they’d seen me in a YouTube video and asked if my human had given her okay.

So she went over to YouTube and did some hunting around and found the video!

Even better was looking through the comment section.

Comments from YouTube Video

I was surprised at the number of people who knew who I was!

Comments about Summer in youtube video ad

More comments about Summer on YouTube ad

Proof that people love internet cats.

YouTube subscribers responding to a negative comment

And whenever someone commented dubiously about my dressing up, people replied, in great detail!

Funny comment from YouTube ad

This was one of my favorite comments.

Somali cat wearing a Queen of Everything dress

In case you missed what the back of the dress says, here you go.

Somali cat wearing a dress and tiara

I am certainly the Queen of YouTube! At least right now.

Here are some other times I was in a public spotlight:

Queen of YouTube

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