Random Funny Outtakes – Summer’s Fabulous Cat Life

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Here we are with this week’s outtakes! There’s no real theme this time around, other than the camera catching me when it shouldn’t have.

Somali cat with paw raised, reaching for a treat

I was reaching for a treat while my human was trying to take photos. As you can tell from my expression, I was hoping she’d cool it with the camera stuff for just a moment.

Somali cat outside with half airplane ears

When I posted the photos from this session, I mentioned how my human didn’t get a lot of good photos from this location. Here’s an example. The lighting may be good here, but I don’t really like sitting in this part of the front yard.

Somali cat patting a dress but not looking at camera.

My human was trying to hold up the dress with one hand, hold the camera in the other, and trying to get my attention to look in the camera while I was patting the dress. So yeah, that’s an awful lot to ask from both of us at the same time! Which is why she wound up placing the dress at my feet for the final version of the post.

Somali cat with paw on human's hand

My human was trying to reach out and adjust the neckline of my dress, but every time she reached out, I kept putting my paw in her hand. This was not part of the plan, but she took a photo anyway.

I hope you enjoyed these outtakes! If you have a favorite, let me know in the comments.

Here are more funny photos for you:

Random Funny Outtakes

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